Are you considering selling your home? We truly believe in the ability to assemble your home. In fact, homes are sold in stages at 88% faster and 20% more than their unassembled counterparts.

There are three types of home scenarios that we can help you with.

Virtual Staging

This is logical staging of empty houses. What we are going to do is go home and take photos and send them to a company that “physically” frames furniture. Usually we will be the scene of the main places to wander around, such as the family or living room, kitchen, recreation room and dining room. We offer the virtual programmer the dimensions of each room, so that the furniture added to the pictures is proportional to the space in real life. This is one of the best thought when it comes to home staging Brisbane.


The second option is to prepare your home based on furniture and accessories in your home. We would go to your home, we will check the room of the room and offer you suggestions on how to prepare your home to attract most buyers. For example, we recommend that you remove all magnets in the refrigerator, remove a large piece of furniture to make it look bigger, or place towels in the bathrooms. Of course, do not forget the basics: make sure the bed is made, the counters clean and the clothes are stored.

Hire a Pro

The third option is to hire a professional company to organize full services. They will evaluate your home, take measurements and photographs, and then make specific suggestions on how to present your home in the best possible way. A professional will use some furniture and accessories that he already has and collect them with pieces of his inventory to make sure his house is shining. These home stylists companies are the best.

Furthermore you can also follow some of the basic tips for organizing your home so that the process is liquid.

  • Create an atmosphere at home that will attract a wide range of prospective home buyers. Your preferences and special deviations are not important, so get rid of them now.
  • Remove all bathroom surfaces, clutter, bathtubs, shower stalls and especially toilet tops. Coordination of bathroom curtains, towels and carpets. Make sure everything is sparkling and clean.
  • Most of the time home preparation tips are fairly simple, and this is no exception. The outside of the house is one of the most important areas to focus on. Be sure to cut the grass and each one of the flowers is clean and well kept. Pay particular attention to the entrance area and doors. Some areas may require painting, while others may require repairs.
  • Coating inside the home is usually profitable and is an easy way to improve the look of the home. Most home books and magazines recommend a neutral painting for this purpose. Employing professional painters to do this well will be worth the extra cost.
Various Types Of House Organization